Joseph WalczykIstota wynalazkuPrzedmiotem invention is an apparatus for extruding foamed polystyrene cuttings cartridges.


These requirements are dictated by the nature of modern warfare with the participation of related branches in the mobile stabilization missions or hostilities in various parts of the world. Issues concerning the protection of the crews of special vehicles began to dominate in NATO countries with the arrival of the first analysis and the effects of military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. The resulting scientific study and analysis clearly indicated that mines and improvised explosive devices (ie. Imprvised Explosive Devices IEDs) are the leading cause of death or serious injuries of soldiers. The resulting guidelines for the design of modern special vehicles determine the levels of explosion protection of the vehicle.

One of the stages of the design process – construction of special vehicles are experimental studies to verify assumptions. Vehicle test of resistance to explosion load include the measurement of quantities describing the phenomena of explosions and propagation uderzeniowej.Gwałtowny development of new technologies and effective measures to protect against explosion is possible by identifying the size of which, through its impact on the human body produces a complex load condition. A very important issue concerning the safety of crews of special vehicles is the pressure appearing inside the vehicle when the explosion load. It is mainly this factor is causing serious injury to internal organs and even death of soldiers. In order to register the impact of the shock wave (induced explosive charge under the vehicle) to the chest developed dedicated sensor for measuring the pressure of the invention. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of crew protection against explosions, developed criteria documents and the scope of requirements to be met by modern special vehicles. The requirements included in documents such as STANAG 4569 and AEP Vol.

2. associated with carrying out costly tests that require the use of advanced measurement systems and complex procedures. The main advantage of engineered construction of the sensor is its simple construction and low cost of production. An additional advantage of the sensor is its versatility and application in the most extreme test conditions. Developed pressure sensor allows the identification of the impact of the explosion shock wave impact on the internal organs of the crew of special vehicles. The invention is characterized by utilitarian character of great importance for the get math homework assistance in canada health and lives of soldiers.

The test results can be groundwork for further studies have also applicable to other industries unrelated to wojskiem.KorzyściZastosowanie invention allows the identification of the pressure acting on the chest after the explosion of the explosive charge. The instant invention provides a solution to compete with the commonly used, since it is distinguished by simple construction and low cost of production. Through the use of the sensor it is possible to perform the test while maintaining the standards in force, while decreasing the costs of testing. The invention has been verified during proving ground tests conducted in an interdisciplinary team, the results were forwarded to the contracting authority – a special vehicle manufacturer. Research in the field of pressure acting on the chest during the explosion are important utilitarian to protect the health and lives of soldiers staying on misjach.Opracowany invention is a solution applicable in various industries, for example.

Górnictwie.Potencjał komercjalizacjiOpracowane solution allows it to be used to work in the most extreme test conditions. It also allows you to reduce the costs of production, because it is characterized by simple and reliable construction. This solution simplifies test procedures while maintaining their guidelines. The test results are a valuable source for manufacturers of special vehicles in order to determine the precise criteria that will have to comply with future vehicles, to provide the most effective protection of the health and life of the crew. Zespółdr hab.

Eng. Jaroslaw KaczmarczykIstota wynalazkuObecnie parting plate bundle increasingly used in industry, domestic and foreign guillotine used due to their high performance in the cutting process in comparison with the yield of cutting a single sheet of sheared. As part of the work has been designed and constructed an innovative guillotine for cutting sheet metal package allows adjustment of many process parameters. The ability to change a number of setting equipment it easier to optimize the process of cutting to improve the quality of the cut plate bundle understood in the sense of reducing the number of defects as well as optimization of the cutting speed due to the limit temperature value. Too high temperature generates the formation of defects on the surface of the cut package blach.Zaletą thus constructed test bench is also possible experimental determination of waveforms of force and temperature as a function of time during the cutting process, depending on the geometry of the package, ie.

The thickness of the individual plates in the package, the height of the package, or the length of the slit sheets of different metals in order to optimize the process and cięcia.Zaprojektowana built from scratch guillotine cutting plate bundle as opposed to the traditional machines used in the industry, allowing cutting only at a certain predetermined angle, characterized by the possibility of cutting at any angle within a certain range of from 35 ° to 90 ° with respect to the working surface of the horizontal table gilotyny.Gilotyna is driven by a servo motor provided with a gear having helical teeth for reducing the rotational speed of the output. Servo motor is activated only when cutting package, which allows the extension of its service life, energy saving and not to cause noise during the preparation of the next packet to przecinania.Pakiety sheets are placed on a horizontal surface of a fixed working table a guillotine and then inserted into the moving mechanism and the pressure set to his album, in which the groove is fastened plastic insert having the task to amortize shock knife after cutting the sheet in the last pakiecie.Projekt guillotine was developed using CAD computer system. It is a system supporting multi-module design of mechanical parts. It allows preparation of sketches, drawings of details, as well as the definition of components and assemblies. In accordance with the previously developed writing as construction was done in cooperation with the Silesian Technical Scientific research station in Katowice for cutting sheet metal packages. On the bench located in the laboratory room the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Silesian University of Technology has conducted a comprehensive study doświadczalne.Stanowisko research has been built as part of a project funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2008-2011, grant No. N N503 326435.KorzyściNowatorskie test stand It allows for the cutting sheet metal packages of different metals and alloys at any angle from 35 ° to 90 ° relative to the horizontal working surface of the table.

Changing the angle is to reduce the maximum value of the forces acting directly on the blade during the cutting process. Reducing the force on the blade has a positive effect on reducing the number of randomly occurring defects in the sheet package while prolonging the life of the blade of the cutting tool. Another advantage of the machine is the possibility of cutting packages of different heights to length and width. The mechanism of the crosshead connecting rod-crank length adjustment slider and allows for minimizing the consumption of electricity from the supply network during the process cięcia.Opracowana guillotine may be used in the future to further research as well as the laboratory for students of mechanical and mechatronic University Śląskiej.Potencjał komercjalizacjiMaszyna can be used to cut on an industrial scale, not only packets plates of different metals and their alloys as well as for cutting packages of the more commonly used plastics. It can also be used in the paper industry to cut reams of paper. By way of a universal design embodiment of the position is possible experimental determination of quick deformation, stress and temperature in the immediate area of ​​the cut.

The results allow to determine the optimum setting the desired machine in the process of cutting forces and minimize the value of the temperature while maintaining a high quality cut sheet metal surface and allow to reduce the amount odpadów.Tak prepared test stand for cutting sheet metal packages can be used in the future for the implementation of innovative technologies related to the cutting process both the use of new materials and conducting tests on an industrial scale. Zespółdr Eng. Gregory WieczorekIstota wynalazkuZnanych are many methods of remote distance measurement. The idea of ​​the vast majority of work rangefinders boils down essentially to measure the time of flight of light to the measured object and back to the device, so that the main problem is a very precise measurement of time. Achieving millimeter resolution distance measurement requires time interval measurement with the precision of the order of some picoseconds (a billionth of a second). In the case of laser rangefinders can distinguish two main groups of methods of measuring the distance (based on the measurement time). The first group may include those that use the measurement of phase shift signal (typically sinusoidal) modulates the light output of the laser, while in the second group are methods in which the measurement of the time of flight of the light pulse.

Rangefinders, the operation of which is based on the measurement phase, characterized by high resolution measurement, but the operating range is normally limited low power light signal. The modulated laser beam is emitted in a continuous manner, so that the power does not exceed the level resulting from safety standards. Devices using the time of flight measurement of the light pulse it possible to achieve a much larger measuring ranges, because the instantaneous power of the light signal is much larger than in the devices measuring the phase shift, however, the resolution of such measurements is generally limited. Rangefinders performing measurement of the phase shift can be divided into another group, namely, laser rangefinders using the so-called modulation optical signal. pseudo-random strings. The use of pseudo-random signals carries a plurality of advantages, such as for example improved resistance to interference unwanted signals or unambiguity of the measurement odległości.W the proposed solution, the remote distance measurement modulates the light output of the laser pseudo-random sequence and outputs it in the direction of the measured object, and the reflected the signal is received with the photodetector converts the optical signal into an electric one. In the remainder of the electrical signal from the photodetector is processed with the help of a single-bit comparator in the digital sequence and subjected to a process called. correlation in a simple digital system.

The essence of the invention is the structure of the correlator and a special selection of the control signals and the clock, making it possible to process information with a simple correlator measured distance. Devices constructed in accordance with the idea of ​​the invention can provide a precise measurement even in a condition in which the received signal is weak, noise and undesired zakłóceń.KorzyściSposób distance measuring device structure and achieves a very high degree of integration of the components, whereby the size of the device can be significantly reduced, and thus it is possible to drastically reduce energy consumption. Despite the low power laser (safety), the potential exists for achieving the measuring range of the order of several dozen meters while maintaining millimeter precision. Moreover, this method of measurement can provide increased immunity to interference. The analog part of the device is very limited, which on the one hand can reduce the cost of production, and on the other hand, reducing the number of components resulting in increased reliability. The proposed method allows measurements to optimize the device parameters and prices for various applications.

If a satisfactory operating range is limited to individual meters, and the resolution of the measurement order of centimeters, it is possible to achieve very low cost produkcji.Potencjał komercjalizacjiPrzedmiotem invention is a method and apparatus for remote distance measurement. The device could be manufactured as a module with a communication interface, and characterized by different measurement range and resolution. With these modules could be configured more complex monitoring systems, for example the dimensions and the number of moving objects in a given area or person, optionally a protecting access to security areas enclosed (indoor or outdoor). In industrial applications, the module would facilitate the automation of industrial processes, for example, performing the function of limit switches or proximity security, or measures the level of bulk materials or liquids in the tanks. Furthermore, the device may find application in areas such as surveying, civil engineering, inventory systems, and spatial imaging, and many others, which lies at the basis of the distance measurement. ZespółProf. dr. Joseph WalczykIstota wynalazkuPrzedmiotem invention is an apparatus for extruding foamed polystyrene cuttings cartridges.

It is a portable device, actuated by means of controls solenoid actuator pneumatrycznego. The device consists of a fixed frame to which are fixed: wyciskającymi plate with pins, four races of thrust bearings and a pneumatic actuator. Plate with pins is replaceable and fixed to the frame is combined with szybkosprzęgu. To the mobile frame, with dimensions corresponding to the dimension of the cartridge, at its corners, they are secured four thrust bearings, and in the middle of the frame on the two thrust bearings is secured to the connection rods pneumatic actuator. The movable frame is inserted into a cassette of seedlings destined to extrude.

The width of the frame is adjusted by means of a resiliently mounted guide. In this frame there is also a stop, which positions the cartridge so that the extruding pins were placed into the holes always from the bottom of the cartridge. The movable frame along with the cassette-mounted under the action of a pneumatic cylinder, which causes extrusion of the cuttings. After extracting the cuttings, the frame together with the cartridge is raised up, the return movement of the pneumatic cylinder. The frame was mounted on two running wheels and a collapsible handle for use with its przetaczania.Korzyści wynalazkuUrządzenie easier, and in some cases allows (too overgrown root system of seedlings) removing the seedlings from the nursery container cassettes.

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