A lane was later released


A lane was later released

The odds are great, but the audience is disappointed. "ProSieben, what did you think?"a user asks. "Please dispose of this scrap immediately." The audience also vented their anger on Twitter. We have put together the funniest tweets for you:

The Raab would turn around in the grave if he could see who is now on his broadcast slot. #StudioAmani

– Robert (@_rob_the_bob_) March 7, 2016

Lots of people are about to call @domian crying & say they saw #StudioAmani & just don’t know what to do next.

– Sven Kuschel (@kuschelsven) March 7, 2016

#StudioAmani is so bad that it could be the first show that will be canceled while it is being broadcast and replaced by Newtopia.

– anredo (@anredo) March 7, 2016

Even the most loveless stand-up that Raab has ever rioted was still 17 times better than what Pro7 is broadcasting. #StudioAmani

– Fake Marcel Reif (@ReifZahl) March 7, 2016

And then suddenly you miss the 1000th repetition of The Big Bang Theory again. #StudioAmani

– astrid (@missastreet) March 7, 2016

On Friday morning on Autobahn 1 near Münster, after two accidents with three injured, there were significant delays in rush hour traffic. The lane in the direction of Dortmund between the Münster-Süd and Münster-Hiltrup junction was completely closed for about 40 minutes after an accident involving three cars, the police said. A lane could later be released. According to the WDR traffic radar, traffic on the A1 also jammed for four kilometers between Hamm-Bockum / Werne and Ascheberg after an accident.

In the case of abuse in Münster, the public prosecutor brought charges against a 50-year-old from Hanover. She accuses the man of serious sexual abuse of a boy in an apartment in Hanover in autumn 2019. The child is said to be an 11-year-old who was repeatedly sexually abused by several men.

The main accused in the case is a 27-year-old from Münster. He is said to have repeatedly offered his girlfriend’s child to men over the Internet and raped him himself. The main crime scene was an arbor in an allotment garden association in Münster, which was demolished today.

According to the investigators, the 27-year-old from Münster has taken on the role of father for the son with the consent of the mother. The public prosecutor’s office also accuses him of aiding and abetting serious sexual abuse by omission because he did not prevent the acts.

The man from Hanover is in custody and has not yet commented on the allegations. The Regional Court of Münster must decide whether to accept the charge. The public prosecutor’s office has requested that the proceedings be combined.

The public prosecutor’s office has already brought charges against five suspects. Including the 27-year-old and his mother. Also a 35-year-old from Hanover. After Lügde and Bergisch Gladbach, Münster is the third major abuse case in North Rhine-Westphalia in recent years.to kill a mockingbird analytical essay

After the large-scale evacuation in a district of Münster, ordnance experts rendered two aerial bombs from the Second World War harmless. The defuse was successful, the city of Münster announced on Sunday. The 16,000 residents affected by the evacuation of the district should still wait a while before they return to their apartments.

People had to leave their homes in the Mauritz district on Sunday morning. During the long-planned action, the ordnance disposal service found two duds weighing 125 and 250 kilograms.

In Münster the evacuation of the Mauritz district began in the morning – around 16,000 residents have had to leave their homes since 8 a.m. In the late morning, a total of five possible duds from the Second World War are to be examined more closely. The experts from the ordnance disposal service should then defuse the possible finds at the same time. "It is one of the largest evacuation measures in German history", said Mayor Markus Lewe on Sunday morning.

Fire brigade teams went door-to-door on the affected streets and asked residents to leave their homes. Several emergency shelters were set up. To protect the population, the city has set up ocean-going containers filled with water in three places. They are designed to provide protection from pressure waves in the event the bombs detonate.

Around 1000 emergency services were in the affected district, the city announced on Sunday morning. Some people initially refused to obey the orders and leave the area. On the whole, everything is going smoothly. The police want to monitor the area with a helicopter, the city uses a drone for control. When people are allowed back into their homes, it depends on what kind of World War II duds the experts find.

According to the city, around 32,000 high-explosive bombs and more than 640,000 incendiary bombs were dropped over Münster in more than 100 air raids during the Second World War. Experts estimate that 15 to 20 percent have not exploded and are still undetected as duds in residential and industrial areas.

The last time there were two suspected cases in the vicinity of the cathedral in downtown Münster. However, experts from the ordnance disposal service quickly gave the all-clear. It remained with suspicion. Here the old town had been cleared within a radius of 250 meters. Many authorities had released their employees as a precaution. In addition to the bishopric, numerous university buildings, the district government, the historic and new town hall, merchants and the LWL Museum for Art and Culture were affected.

On September 8, a dud from the Second World War exploded during construction work in the north of Münster. People weren’t hurt. The American 75-kilogram bomb went off at a depth of around one meter during compaction work. The aerial bomb had previously been delivered undetected as part of the earth’s mass.

In 2012, Rocco Stark fought for the crown in the jungle camp. The Ochsenknecht son has changed a lot since then. You have to see these muscles. 

There were times when Rocco Stark was featured in the media almost every week, but for a few months it has become suspiciously quiet about the son of actor Uwe Ochsenknecht. Most recently, the former soap actor and jungle camp resident caused a stir when he quietly married his ex-girlfriend Nathalie. And now? The 32-year-old prefers to send greetings to his fans from the gym.

Rocco Stark seems to be spending a lot of time there at the moment. At least that’s what the muscles the actor and singer trained. In his latest photos, the focus is primarily on his body. First he explained to his fans under a photo: "I did some sport there once."

Then a few days later he posted another picture that shows the part of his body that Rocco Stark seems to be particularly proud of: his arms. In the meantime, they have grown enormously and are so plump that you could almost be afraid that they would burst. But the 32-year-old is proud of his sporting success.

What muscles: Rocco Stark trains hard. (Source: www.instagram.com/roccostark)

"Workout is the most important! There is no good result without a good workout! Who else thinks I’m too thin?"he wants to know from his fans. These react mixedly to the strong images of Rocco. Because even if the muscular arms impress many, there are also others who are critical of the change.

Secret wedding: Now the Ministry of Finance speaks out Rocco Stark: That’s why nobody was allowed to know about the wedding Really hairy: Natascha Ochsenknecht does the accounting with her looks

Rocco Stark himself, however, seems to be at peace with himself. And Natascha Ochsenknecht is also very enthusiastic about the transformation. At least she has on the photo of the half-brother of her three children "I like it" clicked.

Sources used: Rocco Stark’s Instagram profile

Does Rocco Stark have a new one – or not? The 30-year-old fueled the rumor mill again and again with photos from his Mallorca vacation. Now Uwe Ochsenknecht’s son is finally spreading a clear message on Instagram.

Until now, the actor has kept the identity of the beauty a secret, posted pictures of her bulging belly and even caused pregnancy rumors. In an interview, Rocco finally reveals: "I have to honestly say, it is indeed the case that I have met someone who I find very, very great and very, very nice and very charming, but I would not say that we are in a relationship."

Sweet love message

That sounds completely different now. Rocco posts a new photo on Instagram and writes: "The moment when you realize that everything before was just the way here." Does that sound like a man who is not in seventh heaven? In the picture you can see him smooching with the beautiful stranger, whose white panties are also clearly recognizable. 

A few hours the actor went one step further, shared a second kiss and revealed the name of his pretty girlfriend: Nathalie. 

Will he be a father again ?: Will Rocco Stark be a father again? Half-naked by the pool: Rocco Stark is cuddling again

Soon the TV star will also reveal the secret of her arched tummy. 

Over and over. Rocco Stark is single again. The son of Uwe Ochsenknecht has completely surprisingly separated from his Nathalie.

It was a love in the fast lane: In March, Rocco and Nathalie became a couple, at the beauty doc it had sparked. Just a few weeks later she moved in with him, and there was even talk of offspring. But after just eight months it’s over again. Rocco broke up.

"This decision was difficult for me"

The actor announced his love affair on Instagram. "This decision was more than difficult for me. And I am still disappointed and sad about this situation", says the 31-year-old. He doesn’t want to reveal why the former lovebirds broke up.

"For months I had the feeling that I had found the woman by my side. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this feeling"says Rocco. The former jungle camp resident had met the beautiful brunette in a beauty clinic where Rocco had a hair transplant. Nathalie worked there as an assistant to the management.

This love has a catch: Nino de Angelo: His new one is still married. Rock stars, watch out !: The most desirable woman in Germany is divorced

No luck in love

However, he still believes in true love. For Rocco it is the third separation in three years. In 2016 he separated from Bachelor babe Angelina Heger after five months, and from DSDS star Kim Gloss in 2014. 

After a third summer full of losses in North Rhine-Westphalia’s forests due to the bark beetle, experts see no reason to give the all-clear in the coming year. The trees are still so weakened by drought that they will not be able to defend themselves against the infestation in the next year, said Michael Blaschke, spokesman for the forest and wood company, the German press agency. This week, Bavarian foresters were cautiously optimistic that the plague could end. In some regions of the Free State, the bark beetle damage this summer fell far short of the forecasts.

"There would have to be drizzle until March in order to be able to counter the bark beetle with us", said Blaschke about the situation in NRW. There is a huge water deficit in the forest floor, and the stressed trees are correspondingly vulnerable. Spruce trees that are too dry produce too little resin, which normally protects against beetle damage.

"The bark beetle has continued unabated this year"said Blaschke. Spruce-rich forests in the Sauerland and Siegerland were particularly affected, but also in the Eggegebirge in the northeast of the state, in the Oberbergisch and Rhein-Erft districts, large amounts of coniferous forest have been destroyed.

According to the latest information from the state government, the bark beetle has destroyed 27.6 million cubic meters of wood, especially spruce, since the plague began in spring 2018. In this season alone, more than 11 million cubic meters of wood fell victim to it.

With temperatures below 16.5 degrees, the bark beetle is now in hibernation and will pause until next spring. "But it is by no means foreseeable that things will not continue unabated in spring"said Blaschke.

The forest and wood experts assume that 30 percent of the spruce stands have now been destroyed. Drought and storms have done the rest and are also causing problems for other tree species, such as the beech.

After uncovering right-wing extremist incidents and networks in individual authorities, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier defended himself in front of the police. "I trust our police"Steinmeier wrote in a letter to students and teachers at the German Police University in Münster. "I trust the many civil servants who stand up for law and democracy every day and who take pride in protecting freedom." A visit to North Rhine-Westphalia planned for Thursday had to be canceled due to the Corona crisis.

Instead, the Federal President had written to the police officers. The subject of right-wing extremism has once again become the focus of attention since the murder of Walter Lübcke and the attacks in Halle and Hanau, writes the Federal President. "A country with our history must not suppress the necessary discussion. "Looking away is not allowed"I said in my commemorative speech in Halle last week", writes Steinmeier.

He called on the prospective police officers to use their role model function to promote communication that prevents silent cartels and thus prevents room for crime. "Extra shifts, displeasure and aggression from Corona-tired: you have to face all of this.

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