The partnership with Geely would open up good procurement opportunities for the startup from large battery manufacturers and Volocopter could also serve Geely as a manufacturing partner in China. Geely’s stake in Volocopter is a further step in the Group’s transformation from an automobile manufacturer to a mobility technology provider the company.


The partnership with Geely would open up good procurement opportunities for the startup from large battery manufacturers and Volocopter could also serve Geely as a manufacturing partner in China. Geely’s stake in Volocopter is a further step in the Group’s transformation from an automobile manufacturer to a mobility technology provider the company.

The fleet includes 100 cars. In the coming year, the driving service called “StarRides” is to be expanded to other major Chinese cities. Daimler Mobility AG and the Geely Technology Group have founded a joint venture, in which both have a half share. The two car manufacturers are responding to the trend that Ridesharing services and car sharing are also being used increasingly in China. Several Chinese competitors are already cavorting in the market for new mobility services in the Middle Kingdom. Source: “After his spectacular escape to Lebanon, Carlos Ghosn is furious about the Japanese judicial system and its prison conditions. In Japan comes the criticism of the former manager It is said that his illegal departure could “never be granted”. Japan has vehemently rejected the sharp allegations made by the escaped ex-car manager Carlos Ghosn against the country’s judicial system.

His “one-sided” portrayals in an angry speech in Lebanon could not have justified his behavior, said Japan’s Justice Minister Masako Mori. She defended her country’s legal system. Adequate procedures are in place and handled accordingly. In his first appearance since his escape to Lebanon in late December, Ghosn had denied all allegations in Beirut that his illegal departure could “never be forgiven”, regardless of the judicial system, said Mori.

Ghosn made false claims about the legal system in their country to justify his own behavior. Ghosn had said that he had been held as a “hostage” of a country that he had served for years. He presented the case against himself in Japan as politically motivated to prevent Nissan from becoming closer to Renault. It is a “conspiracy” of the Japanese group with the local attorney general. Ghosn is accused in Japan, among other things, of violating stock market requirements. In no other democratic country in the world would you go to jail for such allegations, he said.

In addition, the 65-year-old complained about what he saw as inhumane prison conditions in Japan. He spoke of a long solitary confinement during which he was hardly allowed to see his wife. He was only allowed to go out into the fresh air for 30 minutes a day.

Showers were only allowed twice a week. Plus hours of questioning without a lawyer. This tactic, which is common in Japan, is used, according to critics, to put accused like Ghosn under pressure until they sign a confession.

Critics speak of “hostage justice”. Japan’s government spokesman Yoshihide Suga defended the legal system.reliable biology essay writing service Basic human rights are respected and procedures are appropriate. Justice Minister Mori said it could not be at all that Japan’s public prosecutor was involved in “any kind of conspiracy.”

The country’s public prosecutor also rejected Ghosn’s allegations as “categorically wrong”. If Ghosn had anything to say about his criminal proceedings, he could present his arguments in a Japanese court and provide concrete evidence, Mori said. But Ghosn is unlikely to return to Japan, as there is no extradition agreement between Lebanon and Japan. The former chief executive of the Franco-Japanese car alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi was arrested and charged in Tokyo on November 19, 2018. In April 2019, he was released from custody under strict conditions on bail.

Ghosn is said to have fled hidden in a box. In Beirut, however, Ghosn did not want to disclose anything on this point – out of concern for the people who would have helped him, as he told the journalists. Source:, ibu / dpa “Li Shufu is with Geely the largest single shareholder in Daimler. ( Photo: imago / ZUMA Press) Surprisingly for many, the Chinese Geely group bought Daimler in February, with 9.7 percent. However, the company may have ignored the reporting deadlines. The Bafin is investigating the case and could impose a heavy fine Missed reporting deadlines when joining Daimler, the Chinese carmaker Geely has to reckon with a million dollar fine. As the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and the “Handelsblatt” reported, Geely boss Li Shufu of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) would have the upcoming participation earlier The “Handelsblatt” quoted a Bafin spokeswoman with the words: “We’ll see whether this could also be relevant in terms of fines.” According to g, the financial supervisors can impose fines of up to two million euros on natural persons in the event of violations of the securities trading law. Billionaire Li Shufu had a 9.7 percent stake in Daimler in February.

There is an obligation to report for such a size. According to the reports, the relevant report came on February 23, one day too late. After the Geely Group’s surprising entry into the Swabian government, the federal government announced that it would review the reporting requirements in the Securities Trading Act. The CSU financial politician Hans Michelbach called in the “FAZ” to tighten the law in order to achieve more transparency in the initiation of share purchases. Source:, mli / dpa “The expansion course driven by ex-boss Ghosn is falling for Nissan more and more on the feet.

The Japanese carmaker reacts with drastic measures: layoffs and plant closings. “The situation is grim,” said the boardroom. Japanese car maker Nissan is apparently planning aggressive cost reductions. “The situation is grim. It’s about head and neck,” said an insider from management circles. Japan’s second largest automaker will therefore lay off at least 4,300 employees and close two production sites, insiders said. This would save around $ 4.4 billion by 2023. Four people familiar with the matter said that the unexpected slump in sales as a result of former boss Carlos Ghosn’s expansion strategy should be absorbed. Most of the planned cuts and measures to increase efficiency were presented to the Nissan board in November and had general approval received, said two of the insiders.

A spokeswoman for Nissan initially declined to comment. Source:, bad / rts “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Carlos Ghosn It’s like an escape from the script – the former Renault – and Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn is piling up from Japan in the direction of Lebanon in a night-and-fog operation. Shortly before, Ghosn’s shadowing by his former employer is said to have ended, insider reports. Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn succeeds, despite stricter Conditions to flee to Lebanon.

How he escaped from Japan and was able to make a stopover in Turkey unmolested is the subject of investigations. Alleged backers are already feeling the consequences. Carlos Ghosn faces several years imprisonment in Japan for financial crimes.

The former Renault-Nissan boss therefore sees no other way than to evade justice and flee to Lebanon via obscure routes. The Japanese media are foaming. The slain CEO of one of the world’s most powerful auto alliances is actually under strict bail conditions in Japan. But Carlos Ghosn appears unexpectedly in Lebanon. The ex-manager even surprises his own lawyers with his escape.

Daimler celebrated the “wedding in heaven” with Chrysler, BMW tried it with Rover. And Fiat Chrysler wanted a threesome with Renault and Nissan too. But nothing came of it.

There is only one reason for divorce before the wedding. By Helmut Becker The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is in crisis. In addition to the proceedings against ex-boss Ghosn, the company is struggling with a sharp drop in profits. This is now also being felt by the staff.

Former car manager Carlos Ghosn is currently awaiting trial in Japan. He is accused of violating stock market requirements. Now he is going on the offensive himself and suing his former employer.

Japan’s second largest automaker is struggling with problems on various fronts: the scandal surrounding ex-boss Ghosn is just as bad for Nissan as is the weak demand in the market. The group’s profit therefore collapses by a whopping 57 percent. Tug-of-war for Carlos Ghosn’s freedom: After the ex-Nissan boss was arrested for the second time within a very short time, he is now allowed to leave the prison. The quarrels at Nissan never end.

Once again the Japanese have to lower their profit expectations. The investigation into ex-supervisory board chief Carlos Ghosn is also to blame. “” “In February, the Chinese Geely Group will join the Daimler Group. While the Stuttgart-based company does not like it that much, the new major shareholder is celebrating the coup.

Now the Chinese are rushing forward with a demand: the new major Daimler shareholder Li Shufu from China is calling for partnerships to be examined. “We have to actively explore the possibility of extensive alliances instead of withdrawing from reality and burying our heads in the sand,” wrote Li in an article for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “If a potential partnership meets the requirements of laws and regulations, any bilateral and multilateral collaboration of mutual benefit can and should be discussed.” Traditional automakers needed a self-awakening, wrote Li. “Those willing to team up to create proprietary digital Forging platforms that can be used jointly by their various brands will be a recipe for success, as our industry is increasingly competitive. “The central challenge for the entire industry is the question of how the time of change can be mastered sustainably and profitably . “It must be possible to use global economies of scale and reduce risks, while maintaining the independence of the brand and the autonomy of the management.” Likewise, it must be possible to increase returns for shareholders while at the same time preserving and respecting product differentiation and intellectual property rights. Li is the main owner of the Chinese car maker Geely. In February he became the new major shareholder in Daimler and holds almost ten percent of the Stuttgart-based company. Source:, bad / rts “The electrically operated air taxis can take off and land vertically. (Photo: Velocopter) Only recently did the air taxi Startup Volocopter presented its new model. Now a financing round is flushing 50 million euros into the company’s coffers. If the financier from China has its way, the aircraft could also take off in smog-ridden megacities. The Chinese car maker Geely has entered into a new financing round at 50 Millions of euros invested in the German air taxi startup Volocopter, an investor from the Far East who wants to use the money to support the commercial introduction of air taxis within the next three years.

Billionaire Li Shufu’s Geely group already owns Volvo. Geely now also wants to set up a joint venture with Volocopter to bring the new concept for urban air mobility to China and thus reduce air pollution there. “The financing round allows us to drive forward the realization of Urban Air Mobility with great dynamism and to continue to use the money of our investors in a targeted manner,” says Volocopter Managing Director Florian Reuter. With their investment, the Geely Group will become another minority owner of the air taxi startup. The founders Stephan Wolf and Alexander Zosel jointly remain the largest shareholders in the company. René Griemens, CFO at Volocopter, tried to dispel concerns that Geely would become the dominant investor through the stake: “You don’t buy the technology and there is no technology transfer “The Financial Times quoted him as saying. The partnership with Geely would open up good procurement opportunities for the startup from large battery manufacturers and Volocopter could also serve Geely as a manufacturing partner in China. Geely’s stake in Volocopter is a further step in the Group’s transformation from an automobile manufacturer to a mobility technology provider the company.

In the course of this, satellites and microchips are also researched. Geely announced in 2017 the acquisition of the US company Terrafugia Inc., which is trying to bring a flying car to the market by 2019. In addition, Geely signed an agreement with a Chinese state-owned company in November to build supersonic trains. Daimler and Intel are also already involved in the air taxi startup. “We are pleased to see that our Geely partners are investing in Volocopter,” said Daimler CEO Ola Källenius.

Geely acquired a 9.7 percent stake in the Daimler Group in February 2018, making it the largest shareholder in one fell swoop. Since then, the Swabians and the Chinese have been examining how they can work together sensibly. Volocopter is racing for supremacy in the sky with manufacturers such as Lilium, eHang and Uber. The startup from Karlsruhe recently presented the “Volocity” model.

The aircraft has 18 rotors, flies up to 35 kilometers and reaches a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour. It offers space for two passengers plus hand luggage and also complies with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency. Source:, jki “A newspaper report about a possible cash injection from the Chinese car maker Geely inspires Aston Martin. The share price of the sports car manufacturer, its vehicles The “James Bond” films that became famous rose at times by up to 11 percent. Source: “300 employees are to work in the Raunheim development center in three years. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Geely has been with Geely since last year a Chinese car manufacturer active in Germany for the first time. Only 70 employees are still working in the branch in Raunheim, Hesse.

Industry experts suspect that Geely is quietly forging big plans for the European and US markets. With gaudy shows and announcements in the style of Tesla boss Elon Musk, they don’t have it at Geely. Without much ado and largely under the public’s radar, the Chinese car company and major Daimler shareholder established a foothold in Germany last year.

The fact that Geely Auto Technical Germany (GATD) has set up its headquarters in Raunheim near Frankfurt in Hesse was actually only discovered when the first employees there were already starting their computers. Geely wants 300 people to move to its German, which is still quite inconspicuous from the outside, within three years Get development center.

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