The three men were taken to the hospital


The three men were taken to the hospital

However, the investigation is still in its infancy. The environment and the past of the alleged shooter would be examined for appropriate contacts. "We are well aware of the responsibility we have there."

Investigators find suicide note

The alleged shooter was probably looking specifically for a victim. The 26-year-old was then apparently a random victim. Eyewitnesses notified the emergency services and the police. The young man is out of danger to life after an emergency operation.

The 55-year-old alleged shooter killed himself after the fact with a shot in the head. According to the mayor of the nearby Biebergemünd, Manfred Weber, the man has lived in the town in the Main-Kinzig district since 2017 and was not conspicuous. "He lived withdrawn"said Weber. While he did not take part in the club life of the place, he should have belonged to a shooting club in the area.

Two semi-automatic weapons were found on the German national. When the apartment was searched, a suicide note and three other weapons were found, a semi-automatic pistol and two long guns. "The weapons were all legally registered with the Main-Kinzig district"said Weber.

Vigil at the crime scene

The city of Wächtersbach has meanwhile called for a vigil on Tuesday evening at the crime scene. After word got around since Tuesday that the victim was probably chosen because of his skin color, concern is noticeable in the village, said Mayor Andreas Weiher (SPD): "Yesterday there was still speculation that it could be an act among asylum seekers or a milieu crime."

Annette Widmann-Mauz (CDU), the integration commissioner of the federal government, called on Twitter for consistent action against racism and right-wing extremism: "Incitement becomes violence, hatred turns into murder at some point. We cannot and must not accept that!"she wrote.

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District administrator and mayor of the municipalities of the Main-Kinzig district, to which Wächtersbach belongs, spoke in a joint statement of an attack "not only against an individual, but arbitrarily against everything foreign". If the perpetrator acted out of a radical right-wing ideology and out of xenophobia, it must also be examined whether it is "a circle of like-minded people" who promoted the act, demanded the politicians. "Here society as a whole with its rule of law has to show a clear edge."

Note: If you think a lot about your own death or worry about someone else, you will find help here immediately and anonymously.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Investigators have apparently again searched the house of the suspect in the murder of Walter Lübcke. Stephan E. is suspected of being involved in another unsolved case.

The suspect in the Lübcke murder case could have been involved in another homicide. On Thursday a report of the "Mirror" According to the Hessian police, Stephan E.’s house in Kassel. A spokesman for the Kassel public prosecutor confirmed the investigation without giving any details. 

Again "mirror" reported, the investigation is said to be about an attack on a 22-year-old asylum seeker on January 6, 2016. The Iraqi was attacked with a knife near a refugee shelter in Lohfelden and seriously injured. The alleged perpetrator was able to escape on a bicycle. The case has not yet been resolved. Where did the "mirror" who has information about the investigation is not clear. 

"Investigations in a previously unresolved old case"

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the background to another search of Stephan E.’s house is "Investigations in a previously unresolved old case".ai essay topics Against the accused existed "the initial suspicion of a crime", the authorities in "mirror" quoted.  

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 The Kassel District President Lübcke was shot on June 2nd. The 45-year-old Stephan E. from Kassel is suspected. The attorney general assumes a right-wing extremist background. According to the Federal Prosecutor General Peter Frank, Stephan E. initially confessed to having killed Lübcke; later he retracted his confession.

Sources used:"mirror"-Online: New investigations against alleged Lübcke murderer with information from the news agency dpa

The alleged shooter von Wächtersbach was apparently known to be violent and right-winged – but his racist sayings were believed to be "Bar babble".

After the racially motivated shooting at a man from Eritrea in Wächtersbach, Hesse, the investigators are concentrating on the surroundings of the alleged perpetrator, who shot himself after the crime on Monday. As  "" reported, the 55-year-old Roland K. is said to have announced the act shortly beforehand in his local bar. 

According to the innkeeper, K. had on Monday morning "drank his two or three beers quite normally". Then he said he would "now shoot down a refugee" and leave the restaurant, reports "". Then K. got into the car and drove away. 

Federal government condemns attack

The shots at the 26-year-old Eritrean rang around 1 p.m. The victim, a family man, survived seriously injured thanks to an emergency operation and is in hospital. According to investigators, he was and became a random victim "because of his skin color" selected.

The federal government condemned the attack on Wednesday as "heinous act"that should not be accepted: "The federal government is dismayed by this act and condemns it in the strongest possible terms"said the deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer in Berlin.

"Shoot a half-black man"

As reported by, Roland K. came back to the pub around 2.30 p.m. and behaved normally. "He only had one bag, which was unusual for him", the news site quotes the host of the "Martinseck". The murder weapon may have been in K.’s pocket.

After K. had left the pub a second time on Monday afternoon, he dialed the police emergency number after receiving information from the radio and announced further actions. Literally he is said to have said that he would now "shoot a half-black" and then himself. Around 4.15pm a special police unit arrived. The officers found K. lifeless in his car.

Police: No information in advance

Before the attack on the 26-year-old, the police received no information, as Chief Prosecutor Alexander Badle said on Wednesday. However, there is one "Communication between the suspect and the police after the crime" given. Badle did not provide any information on the content of this conversation. continues to report that K.’s right-wing attitude and his tendency to violence were known in his social environment. At the bar he often dropped slogans like "When I go I take one or more with me". He’s always had a problem with "Asylum boys" had – and finally also money problems. But one has K.’s comments for "Bar babble" held and not taken seriously. Neighbors would have kept their distance to the 55-year-old. 

K. shot his victim three times

According to the latest findings of the investigators, the marksman shot his victim three times. He later killed himself with a shot in the head. So far, the man has not been suspicious of the police, it said. Two semi-automatic weapons were found on the German national. When the apartment was searched, officials found a suicide note and three other weapons, a semi-automatic pistol and two long guns. All of them were legally in the man’s possession.

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The city of Wächtersbach had called for a vigil at the crime scene on Tuesday evening, to which around 400 people came. Mayor Andreas Weiher appealed to the participants to take responsibility. "If fear of racism breaks out, our entire liberal basic order is in danger." Every individual is called upon to do some persuasive work for shared values. "Take the signals seriously, perceive them." Weiher assumed a lone perpetrator.

Sources used: Schütze von Wächtersbach announced the deed in the village pub with material from the dpa news agency

A truck driver was seriously injured in an accident on Autobahn 2. According to the police, the 54-year-old man noticed too late on Monday morning in the Schaumburg district that a truck had braked in front of him because of a construction site. There was therefore a rear-end collision between the Bad Nenndorf and Lauenau junctions in the direction of Dortmund, in which the 54-year-old was trapped. He was taken to a hospital by helicopter.

In a traffic accident near Lauenau (Schaumburg district) three people were injured on Saturday evening. A 58-year-old man overlooked an oncoming car when turning his car from Bundesstraße 442 onto Autobahn 2 in the direction of Berlin, as the police announced on Sunday. The cars collided head-on. The 39-year-old driver of the other car and his 74-year-old passenger were injured, as was the person who caused the accident. The three men were taken to the hospital. According to the police, there was significant property damage to the cars.

Always obediently following the navigation device, the driver of a Lithuanian articulated truck got stuck in the middle of a forest area west of his destination Hanover. On Wednesday night, the driver in Lauenau had chosen an initially well-developed road at a junction, which later turned into a gravel road, the police said. Without any ability to turn, the 40-ton truck finally got stuck 500 meters from the last settlement on the almost 2.5-meter-wide, soft, winding forest path. The dispatcher of the shipping company reported to the police at night with a request for help because he was worried.

The recovery of the truck dragged on on Wednesday, also because an auxiliary vehicle could only approach the stranded truck from the other direction across the Deister ridge. According to the police, it was not the first time that a truck got stuck on a forest road in the area not far from Autobahn 2. In spite of everything, the driver was lucky because he almost got off the track a little earlier on a steep slope.

Lauenau (dpa) – A mother and her ten-year-old son were killed in a traffic accident on the A2 near Lauen in Lower Saxony. A truck hit the 43-year-old’s car yesterday afternoon at the end of a traffic jam and pushed it against a truck driving in front of it. In the impact, the driver’s cab of the approaching tractor-trailer tipped over onto the off-road vehicle and crushed it. Mother and child died at the scene of the accident. The two truck drivers were taken to a hospital slightly injured.

Christian Berkel and his sweetheart Andrea Sawatzki will pop the corks: The actor is about to become an international film star. None other than cult director Guy Ritchie ("Snatch", "Whispers of grass") Berkel has according to a report by "" for his new film "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" Committed.

Berkel is of course overjoyed to be able to play in a potential blockbuster again: "I was on vacation in Spain when my agency called and told me that Guy Ritchie had asked for me. Then everything went very fast. The script came by email and I accepted immediately."

In Germany, Berkel is currently the main actor in the ZDF series "The criminalist" to see. He has already been admired several times in US productions in the cinema. In "Operation Valkyrie" he played alongside Tom Cruise and in "Inglorious Basterds" at the side of Brad Pitt.

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Maria Furtwängler has been investigating Lindholm as a cool, blonde inspector for 14 years "crime scene". She has won numerous awards and is regularly named the most popular German actress. Today she celebrates her 50th birthday.

No reason for them to panic. She still looks stunning and seems more free than ever. The wife of the multimillionaire Hubert Burda (73) finds it quite natural to earn her own bread. The trained doctor is committed to aid organizations such as "German Doctors" and likes to amaze with open confessions. Dem "star" she revealed that she smoked weed at a young age and grew cannabis plants herself.

The times when women over 50 are only suitable as grandmothers and are no longer allowed to be sexy are long gone. This is also shown in our list. So beautiful and erotic are these German actresses, some of whom have left their 50s behind for a long time.

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She recently revealed in one "Colorful"-Interview: "At 51, I feel sexier than ever."Veronica Ferres. (Source: imago / simon)

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The 53-year-old is annoyed "Chatter" about aging: "Getting older isn’t all bad – when you love life"she told the magazine "Myway".Andrea Sawatzki. (Source: imago / spoettel picture)

Barbara Auer

The 57-year-old is happy about the serenity: I know that I am still a good-looking woman, but I am no longer young. I don’t have to struggle anymore to please someone – it doesn’t matter, and that’s very pleasant"she said in an interview with the "Hamburger Abendblatt".Barbara Auer. (Source: imago / simon)

Christine Neubauer

At the age of 50 she dared to start over with her new love José: "Life has left its mark.

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